Our Mission

Analystix strives to improve and simplify the financial analysis and valuation process.

As financial analysts, we are familiar with the day to day tasks of our profession, and we believe we can create tools that will make our work more efficient.

Our goals are:

  • Automate tasks that does not require thinking
  • Make complex calculations easier
  • Improve access to data
  • Expand data analysis methods

Most of us use Microsoft Excel for financial modeling. We arrived at the conclusion that Excel Add-ins are the most convenient way to implement our tools- you don't need to learn a whole new interface, just implement some of our tools in your work with existing Excel models and data files. 


Our Plan

We created several Excel Add-ins to assist us in our work, and decided to share them with other financial analysts.

This website was created as a platform for providing the Analystix Tools package, but we decided to utilize this platform for additional functions:

We would like it to become a community for financial analysts to share ideas and learn from each other via the Analystix Forum. Also, we created the Financial Tutorials and Resources as a learning opportunity for beginners in our field.

Our plans for the near future is to expand Analystix Tools by adding additional applications and improving the existing ones. Analystix Tools will always be free to download and use. We also constantly work on expanding the Financial Tutorials and Resources, and would love to answer any professional questions in the forum.

For the longer term, we plan on creating a package of advanced and smart tools which will be connected to an online database and will probably be offered as a paid subscription. 



Analystix was created by Barry Gendenshtein, a financial analyst experienced in equity and fixed income analysis and valuation of public and private companies.

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